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What is a Porn SEO Light Worker?

Porn SEO Light and Alternative Energy Healers

I’ve been on the search for people who find certain porn sites and really give them a boost in importance, because lets face it. A lot of porn out there does not really need to be ranking as high as lets say, porn SEO helpers. The more people look at this the more they realize, porn is healing the world, not destroying it. There are very few types of porn that have been causing problems, but more over, even what most would consider really perverted porn, it is healing our planet and giving us exactly what we have been looking for all along.

But who really does the best porn SEO out there, and are there even any one adult SEO company out there that would do this type of work? Honestly it’s pretty low, it’s sad. A lot of SEO businesses are obsessed with ranking plumbers and roofers, when there are so many wonderfully created hentai, and cuckolding porn that needs to get out to the masses. But how do people rank for such adult and porn related keywords? They make subtle but powerful comments on many different sites explaining to everyone that will listen how awesome their porn SEO company really is. Most businesses that have some kind of porn related niche will try to do search engine optimization on their own. But the point here is to actually have people do it that know what they are doing! Don’t believe me, look at the poorly made sites ranking today! It’s horrible.

When we as a collective can help rank cuckold and hentai based websites, we’ll start to see people realizing that they need to allow their wife to get pregnant from another man. This is actually extremely important, there are a few different types of people, you have your hotwife, your cuckold and the bull. There are a good amount of bulls in the world, but not enough cuckolds that know their place. Bulls are here to continue the human race, cuckolds are here to take care of their children while they continue to seed other women. Hentai is a porn base that actually relieves depression believe or not which you can read here. And the reason we need porn based SEO light workers is to get these sites ranked higher then the low quality junk that is there now.

Explanations are needed, people need to be explained to that hentai and cuckolding are a natural human circumstance! We need the best porn SEO on this problem now and we need to get it fixed as soon as possible, otherwise those that don’t know what search engine marketing is, will be lead astray and will cause massive problems in the future. Don’t take this lightly, it’s very important we tell energy workers and light workers about this. Especially those living in Ireland!

There is actually a little bit more to this story about getting on board with great SEO talent in the adult arena! Check this quick video out about how to properly SEO your site using social media, but more importantly social networks that are dedicated to adult material!

This company would not surprise me if they knew more about how to rank an porn site then anyone else on the net, so by far, this is what you need to be checking out if you want to rank properly!

-Schaffer and Schaffer

Can Playing Hentai Porn Games Really Treat Depression?

For over 15 years now, Dr. Jig McSmith has been researching the pros and the cons of pornography online. Especially when it comes to hentai games. Hentai is a word derived from Japanese that basically means pervert, or perverted. It’s a basically cartoon or toon based, drawn based, pornography. Otherwise known as Anime, or animation.

Dr. McSmith discovered that younger adults who took several hours out of their day to play hentai porn games, we’re smarter, better looking then their peers and if they had a case of depression it started to vanish into thin air. Now how can that possibly be that one could dig their way out of depression by simply playing porn games, or at times even looking at porn! Well he said he does not have a very strong theory on this, but he believes the chemicals the brain makes up while playing a game, while at the same time being stimulated sexually creates a confidence cocktail and really brings people back out of their challenges of depression and sadness.

Many people that were studied actually ended up getting a job if they didn’t have one, or really digging in to the one they have and being happier about life. Many even found girlfriends/wives! Now he said that he doubts that major psychological studies would even bother to look at something so fringe as exposing people to pornography! There were a few people who were more into what they called arcade hentai games, and others we’re fascinated by porn games that deal with oviposition hentai are something that’s been getting more and more popular as time has been going on.

Dr. McSmith noted though that a higher case of cuckolding occurs with men who watch or play porn games. But this is because their brains are already wired to allow their female counterparts to court with other strong men. They in fact really enjoy this, many of his subjects said that they would play hentai games while being cuckolded by their girlfriends or wives. They said they simply do not need to masturbate even more because the hentai porn games construct an addictive chemical that makes them happy, and their wives create an addictive chemical in their brain while their husbands know they are having sex with other men.

This is for another story in future studies we do said Dr. McSmith, but for now he has said that healing through pornography is actually a very true thing indeed, and that the world will need to embrace this oxymoron into their beliefs and knowledge banks. The more people that know that hentai games are actually beneficial the more stuff like this will stop being circulated through out the internet.

-Shaffer and Shaffer