How Can Insurance Be Alternative Healing?

Is My Allstate Agent Psychic?

I wrote this one quiet awhile back, but I believe the story behind it has a legitimate claim to be here for it’s healing qualities. Many years ago I met with a lady who was an life insurance broker/agent in Denver Colorado. She told me she literally has run into so many people that were trying to get insurance and just couldn’t. But these people rarely had any major problems ever happen to them, most of the time they we’re healthy and everything was “All Goood” as she said.

Of course all these people did have auto insurance in Denver, but they couldn’t grab up anything else. But what’s amazing about this story is that those people who have had insurance for years and years and all of sudden got off it. They would attract the most crazy situations, a lot of the time luckily for them they had a grace period which covered these events. But she said it’s almost eerie because it happens like clock work. She would usually sit down with people ready to cancel their service, be it life insurance, health insurance, renters insurance… Whatever, didn’t matter, just to make sure they were in the right state of mind when they “disconnected” from the system.

She would plead not for her sake, but the sake of her client to do what they could to stay on with their plan when she detected any kind of “sour” attitude. She said of course many of these people would disagree with what would happen if they got off, only to find themselves with a burnt down rental home, a burglary a wrecked car or a death in the family. She counted off almost 10 different cases within the few minutes I was sitting with her.

I got in touch with this lady. Which will remain anonymous of course, but I was looking for some renters insurance as well as a life insurance in Denver, but I ALWAYS go with my gut and let the right people come to me. This time I was sitting down with a clairvoyant friend of my who also lives (lived) in Denver Colorado at the time, and she told me of her and I knew immediately she was my Allstate agent!

I went and sat down with her and we click immediately. I was really excited to get to know her better, so every couple months we’ll go out and she’ll tell me more and more stories about how people are “changing” their lives on the inside and then changing their patterns on the outside, then she watches as the cards just tumble on down against them.

But she said, when she can keep them on the ground and keep their Allstate Denver home insurance, or whatever other insurance they have, they 90% of the time never have a problem. So the point to all this? Becareful the ideas you put in your head, becareful of the rules you give yourself.

It’s not just for flood insurance or something like that, it’s real stuff! The mind is powerful tool, use it wisely!


The Energy Genesis – Life Vessel

How Can A Box Heal The Body?

So I got to try out this alternative healing device called the “Life Vessel”, it’s basically a box you get into, they close the doors and they turn on some music and you basically become emotionally, physically and spiritually aligned. Yeah, seems pretty crazy but that’s all YOU do when your in it.

The real power to this baby is what’s really going on, the “life vessel” or now the “energy genesis” (which is a upgraded version of the life vessel). When you get into the energy genesis, you first off are getting into a box that is measured perfectly to create a perfect resonance with the music. But the music is not just simply music, it’s more like a hym-sync, which vibrates at a certain frequency to get the body back into alignment.

Discover the healing benefits of the Energy GenesisThen there is the light therapy inside the box as well that is helping align the bodies nervous system along with the resonance! So what you get is a perfect healing box. What happens is that when you get into the Energy Genesis and you go through the 45 minutes, the box will actually turn off your flight or fight response that you’ve had triggered by emotional problems, enviromental problems or even physical problems that you have.

This allows your body to fully rest and to finally get back into healing mode and if you know it or not healing mode is where everything takes place. But let’s go a bit further shall we? The Life Vessel and Energy Genesis by Barry McNew, has been created with what I would call almost an extraterrestrial vision. This baby is actually changing and healing your genetic makeup, your DNA is healing and while it’s healing it’s creating new forms of code to keep you away from “family” diseases!

I firmly believe that this alternative healing modality will become your regular doctor in the future, and if there is still some problems then that’s when you see others about it. I was absolutely amazed that this thing detoxed in 45 minutes enough metal toxicity into the air that you could actually smell it!

Everyone one of the rooms with a energy genesis and a life vessel in it, has an air filter because of what people detox, and it’s not just heavy metals, it’s also fungus (yeast) or urine. I truly believe that the energy genesis has a right to be here on this blog because it’s a breakthrough in healing technology and it should be represented and exposed to the world.


Can a Walk in Bath Tub Be “Alternative” Healing?

Amazing Tubs That HealCan a Bath Really Create Healing?

I’ve often disputed that a walkin bath tub is nothing more then a gloried sit down hot tub in your bathroom. But I was in shock when I was invited to a convention full of people that we’re selling and buying these contraptions. I thought to myself how would I ever agree to allow this type of product to be present inside this blog??

But wait there’s more to these Walk-in Bathtubs!

Well I meet with dozens and dozens of experts and well as actual owners of these little pieces of art. I really had no idea how much a good bathing experience can relieve stress and pain for these people. Even over a chiropractor visit!! So I started looking into these miracle walk-in-bath-tubs and I ran into a guy whose name is Carl Surfman. He has own a pretty famous bath solutions site for 3 – 4 years now I believe.

You can actually see a picture of one of these tubs here.

He gave me in detail reviews of people who were able to get up and walk again after a few months of using these tubs. It giving people a new lease on life because they can take care of themselves without another having to be present when they want to bathe! That right there he said creates mindset, and that mindset is what ultimately cures the person. Be it, they are literally stuck in a chair “forever” (we’ll go into that into another post), or they are just injured. This really does help them get out of their woes and “problems” associates with the injury.

Walk in baths are not only amazing mind set creator, but it’s also brilliant for those looking for more of the therapeutic natural of these machines. They recently just came out with super bubbles. I’m not sure of the actual name of these bubbles, but they are so tiny and small it literally simulates the skin and allows more blood flow to go to the body, which is amazing for those people who need relief from pain. A lot of the time, pain is there because of a blockage of blood.

The more he kept talking to me the more I had to take the time to share he’s miracle to the world. I went on a couple day trip with him and he took me to actual individuals homes and we sat down and spoke with these people for a lengthy amount of time on how these walkin tubs have changed their life for the better. I saw video tapes of people first getting the tub then 4 months later seeing them.  In some of these videos, it was literally the difference between a wheel chair and a cane!

These people were told they would never walk again. But these bathtubs really came to save the day! So I wanted to just let you all know, I’ve changed my mind on the tubs and I truly believe if you are hurt and you can not bathe yourself, you should consider talking to Carl Surfman, he said he can hook up anyone with the most affordable walk in bath tub to date. You have to actually talk to him on his site, if you call his number his office people won’t be able to help you.

That’s just a quick run down FYI.


PS: More to come my friends!